Nobody’s Heroes

There comes a time in every sports podcast’s life where you ask, Who is the best, most talented athlete here. Well that time has come and Nobody’s Heroes is the contest that will prove that. We will conduct regular competitions and score the results. At the end of the year there will be only one crowned the Nobody’s Heroes champ. The winner not only gets the satisfaction of being the best in the cast, but also may receive some semi-genuine pats on the back, an almost sincere congratulations and some sort of sports related prize (only if there is stock). Follow the team and see who will come out on top (My guess is that athletic looking Port supporter).

Current Leaderboard

1) 10 – Steve
2) 7 – Rowdy
3) 5 – Eric
4) 3 – Chief

Australian Disc Golf

February 27, 2018

Nobody’s Heroes : Disc Golf

For our first installment of Nobody’s Heroes we tackle the sport of Disc Golf. For the uninitiated, according to Australian Disc Golf,  Disc Golf is just like regular golf. The key differences are that instead of a ball and ... Read More »

February 27, 2018 0