Redders is the latest member to join the Sportheads podcast, and can only be described as a sports geek. If their is sport on tv then Redders is most likely watching it. He is a petrol head at heart, having watched every single Formula 1 Grand Prix, since 93, but also is a fanatical follower of AFL, Cricket, Golf, Basketball and Soccer.

Redders is known as the ‘Bandwagon Man’ on the Sportheads Team. Originally supported Miami Heat in the NBA only to mysteriously jump on the Golden State Warriors 4 years ago. The same can be said for his soccer team allegiances as depending on what nationality he is feeling like being on the day, you could find him supporting Italy one World Cup, Australia the next or lately England! One thing is for sure though, he is loyal and one eyed when it comes to his beloved West Coast Eagles, Daniel Ricciardo or Tiger Woods, which will make for hilarious and ridiculous predictions.


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